5 things i've learned in university

5 Things I’ve Learned in University So Far

July 28, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Things I’ve Learned in University So Far

University has been a challenge

Both mentally and physically, and it was a shock for me to say the least. I was a straight A student all through high school while taking the most challenging courses offered, yet never had to work for it. This set me up for failure as a university student, and I’d like to share a few ways I helped turn my degree around.

#1) Don’t think that just showing up is good enough anymore.

 During high school this might have been the only thing you needed to do, but university isn’t created that way. It’s created in a way that just being present isn’t going to cut it, you need to be able to really understand the material given to you. Whether that’s creating study schedules or making use of the professor’s office hours, do it, you’ll thank yourself later.

#2) Create a healthy living environment. 

One of my biggest mistakes in my first two years was just learning to “deal” with an unhealthy living situation. When you’ve had class all day and are exhausted, all you want to do is crawl into bed and put some Netflix on, but when you feel like a guest in your own home because of roommates, it creates a very uncomfortable situation. The best advice I received was to make clear guidelines at the beginning of the semester with your roommate, and when you feel uncomfortable or annoyed don’t brush it off, talk, it really does help.

#3) If you need help, get it. 

Whether it be help in school, or help mentally, don’t ignore it. If you are struggling in a class, go to your professor’s office hours, ask how you can improve, if there’s study groups you can join, or if necessary, some names of tutors. If it’s needing help mentally, definitely get it. I went through two years of struggling immensely through classes because of anxiety that I couldn’t control. After getting help, my grades and overall wellbeing improved so much, please don’t put off asking for help if you need it.

#4) Don’t just memorize the material, understand it. 

Professors ask questions on exams that make you apply knowledge from throughout the course to answer a question. If you only memorize the material, it makes it very difficult to process everything together and give a logical, educated answer. Check out how you can study for anatomy with my post 6 Tips to Help You Ace That Anatomy Class

#5) Get involved.

Whether it be on campus, or in the community, try and get involved and meet new people. You have the ability to join clubs and organizations to meet new people, support a cause you care about, and/or make potential connections for future jobs. Take advantage of this.