School Supplies to Get Organized and Motivated for the New Semester

· School Supplies to Get Ready for the New Semester ·

August 16, 2017 1 Comments 5 Photos

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A new semester is right around the corner and I’m already starting to feel the dreaded end of summer blues. The best way to get out of this funk and motivated for the upcoming school year is to go school supplies shopping! Great supplies are a necessity to keep you organized and inspired for all your assignments and exams. So in saying that, here are a few of my favourites!

A Great Planner

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This planner from is my new favourite. It has lots of space for each day, and includes some fun stickers that you can add! It’s big enough to fit everything from class assignments, work schedules, and appointments all in. It’s a great investment and will keep you super organized this year.

Sharpie Pens

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I love this pen from Sharpie because it doesn’t bleed through! Also, it writes really smooth and doesn’t hurt your hand. They last a long time as well, so you don’t need to be spending money on new pens every month!

A Backpack That Fits it All

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Herschel backpacks are a fantastic investment. They are durable and can hold so much stuff in it! Checkout my College Backpack Checklist as well to make sure you have everything you need for those long school days.

Some Pretty File Folders

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If you are anything like me, I constantly am wrecking loose papers because I have a tendency to just shove them in my backpack. These cute file folders from Rifle Paper Co. stop me from losing and wrecking important papers. Also, check out their other cute stationary items as well!

A Cool Laptop Case

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Protect all of your important documents and pricey laptop with this case from Society 6. They have tons of cool designs for guys and gals to get you ready to start the semester off right.

What school supplies do you use to get you organized and inspired for the new semester? Comment your ideas below! Also don’t forget to share if you enjoyed 🙂

As well, here is my post on the First Week- How To Get Ahead to really start the semester off on the right foot. Hope you enjoyed this post and are getting excited for the next semester!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lola Adewuya

    August 23, 2017

    Yes yes yes to all of these supplies! I’m a big fan of Ban.Do planners as well (when I remember to use one). One of my personal school staples are those fancy papermate mechanical pencils with the twisty eraser. Once a new set is purchased, I start actually feeling excited for school!

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