How to take productive study breaks

How to Take a Productive Study Break and Why You Need Them

July 31, 2017 Comments Off on How to Take a Productive Study Break and Why You Need Them

Why You Need a Study Break

Taking breaks during your study session is essential during long periods of time. Breaks are well needed to give yourself time to re-energize, focus and get ready to tackle the next piece of studying. Although they are breaks, checking Instagram or Facebook are not good ones. The problem lies within the fact that they take your focus away from being productive and lets you get sucked into the online world of social media. We all know that once you start checking updates, snapchats, etc. it’s difficult to get back on track.That’s why study breaks that are productive is what you need to get through a long study session.

When Should You Take  a Break?

For me personally, I’ve always found that the Pomodoro Technique pushed me to work the most productively and efficiently. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it consists of a 25 minute work period followed by a short non-work related break, and then repeat. After 4 of the 25 minute Pomodoro sessions, take a longer break! Here’s a handy link that explains it thoroughly

What Types of Breaks Should You Take?

There are tons of ways to make your study breaks a way to continue to be focused, re-energize, and boost productivity. The key is to do something non-work related that relaxes you and increases your wellbeing, mentally, physically, or spiritually!

Here are some ideas that work great:

Do Some Yoga

Yoga is an awesome way to de-stress, bring your focus back, and release some endorphins from the exercise! Here are a few yoga poses that will boost your productivity and focus:


Watch a TEDTalk 

TEDTalks are great ways to get insight on different topics from a variety of people. They are a great way to think about a topic that interests you, or to get you interested in a topic! For example, if you’re trying to write a paper on a topic, find out if there’s a TEDTalk similar to the topic you’re researching to get you thinking from a different perspective!

Here are some of my favourites:


Go For a Walk

Getting outside for some fresh air really helps to clear your head and even inspire you to keep going, something about nature just makes you want to be productive. Again, the exercise will help to release some endorphins and boost your mood which always helps to get focused and productive.Listening to your favourite songs while walking also helps to relax, and throw in some songs that get you in the mood to get stuff done!

Here’s one of my favourite playlists to get focused to:

Make a Smoothie

Making sure that you keep yourself energized by eating is essential when having study sessions. Not only does hunger affect your focus, not eating the right type of study snacks also can make you tired, weak, lack energy, and even feel sick. Kick those hunger pains with a healthy, energizing, and filling smoothie that will keep you going as long as you need to.

Here’s some great recipes to try out:


5 Brain Boosting Smoothie Recipes


Journalling is a great way to de-stress, and refocus on your priorities. There are tons of things to write about, just remember to not make it work-related! You can journal about your day, about a favourite memory, or even do a gratitude journal.

Here are some topics to improve self-care and boost productivity:



Meditation can not only help you relax, but bring you back into focus as well! There are tons of ways to meditate, and finding one that works can be really beneficial to practice everyday for self-care.

Here’s a great meditation app to give a try:

Organize Your Workspace

Having a tidy work space really helps to keep up productivity. When the workspace looks like you mean business, you’ll feel like you mean it as well. Just tidying up loose papers, pens, folders, water bottles, etc. will make a big difference in increasing productivity and boosting your focus.

Here’s some desk inspiration:


Adult colouring books are all the rage right now and I can definitely see why. They are a super simple, relaxing task that doesn’t take much concentration or thought but it also helps to boost creativity! Not to mention it’s really fun!

Here’s a printable you can try out: