First Week- How To Get Ahead

August 2, 2017 Comments Off on First Week- How To Get Ahead

The first week of classes.

It can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time, but how can students use it to start the semester off right? You need to understand that the first week is a great way to start creating good habits. Good habits can be maintained all year, which is a step in the right direction. The assignment lists come out, course breakdowns, and professor expectations all in one week! So how can someone use this information to start the year off right? Here’s a few tips and advice to get you started. I have included a few outside links, I believe they are awesome and super helpful but not my own. 

 Make a list of your classes

A great idea is to create a list that has headings for professor names, their office hours, email address, class time and location! During the first week of classes is an awesome time to get organized. Get all of your class information down where it is accessible, and easy to understand. You will thank yourself in the future when trying to find a professor’s office a few days before the exam.

Go to your professor’s office hours

Introduce yourself. A quick hello, your name, what section of the course you are in, and what you’re looking forward to will go a long way. This will only help you in the future when you need study help, or even grad school references. Students should always try and build a connection with their professor, it will be extremely beneficial.

Put all important dates in your planner

The best investment I’ve ever made was purchasing a great planner. It is a key tool for not only organization, but productivity as well! Make use of it by adding in semester breaks, due dates, and some time for self-care. I use the planner:

first week-how to get ahead

Make an assignment spread

Have an assignment worksheet to keep track and stay organized of all upcoming to-do’s. Create one with due dates, task difficulty, and how much it is worth! Here is a great example of one from danidearest

first week-how to get ahead


Make a study schedule

Start being productive by creating a study schedule for the following week, and stick to it! Blocking off time for classes, study time, and self-care is a great way to stay focused and organized as well. Check out my post on how to stay productive during your study breaks!

How to Take a Productive Study Break and Why You Need Them

Figure out the best way to study for each class

Not all classes are set up the same. Some require essays, others require lab work, etc. Either way, figure out the best way to succeed in each of your courses to maximize study time and be as efficient as possible. Here’s a post of mine for how to study for your anatomy course!

6 Tips to Help You Ace That Anatomy Class

Make a list of self-care ideas

Create a list of self-care ideas so when you need some me-time, you have a running list of options. Personalize it and make it your own, the first week can be extremely overwhelming so make sure to schedule some relaxation time in there to de-stress. A few ideas could be taking a bubble bath, reading a book, doing some yoga, or even just making a healthy smoothie! Get creative.

What do you do during the first week of school? I would love to hear your tips, strategies, and techniques for starting the semester off right!

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