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Emailing Your Professors-How To

August 8, 2017 Comments Off on Emailing Your Professors-How To

Emailing Professors

When sending an email to your professor, it is important to come across as professional. Professionalism is key to keeping up a proper student image while in college. Professors are the people that will be marking your exams, providing help, and ultimately writing your recommendation letters for grad school as well. So when emailing them, it is valuable to keep a few key tips in mind.

How to Properly Write an Email

#1) The Subject Line

Professors will be getting tons of emails during the day so being clear as to what class you are in is essential. Use the subject line to write your class and section. This will also help keep your email out of their junk folder!

#2) Address Them By Their Proper Title

The amount of professors that I have had complain about a student calling them by the wrong title is unbelievable. They have worked hard to get where they are so use their proper title such as Dr., Professor, or if you have a prof that prefers their first name use that! Listen to who they are and what they would like to be addressed as and make a note of it. It would be a great addition to the list of things to do in the first week of school First Week- How To Get Ahead

#3) Introduce Yourself

Always introduce yourself when emailing your professor. It makes it more personable and helps them to make a connection to just another name in their class. Use your full name and provide a student number as well. Then if you are requesting an extension or something of that sort, they will know exactly who you are.

#4) Be Clear and Concise

Professors are busy people, they don’t have time to read through an essay of an email just for a simple question. Be quick to the point and don’t add in ‘fluff’, make sure your email is exactly what you need to ask in as little words as possible.

#5) Spellcheck

I can not stress this point enough, do not send an email to your professor with spelling mistakes. Professionalism instantly goes down the drain if words are spelt wrong or other errors are made within your email. Simply check it over once or twice and that should be good.

Don’t stress about emailing your professors. They are there to help you, and by emailing them using these 5 tips it will be easy.

What other tips would you recommend when emailing your professors? I would love to hear about your ideas in the comments!

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