8 ways to get the most out of every lecture

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Every Lecture

August 10, 2017 Comments Off on 8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Every Lecture

It’s not always easy to pay attention during a lecture

Sometimes they are so boring that you almost fall asleep, welcome to university. If you enjoy the class, paying attention might come easy. But when you aren’t in love with the class or the content, lectures can be so boring. Not only are lectures important for getting the material down, but they are also a great tool to be learning the material as well! Here I have outlined a few key ways to get the most out of every class so you don’t need to spend as much time studying!

Come Prepared

  • Read the material before the class

    It might sound trivial, but it’s easier said than done. When assignments and projects start to pile up, reading the assigned chapter might be the last thing on your mind. But, it is so important to stay on top of the readings. Having a basic knowledge of the chapter before you go into the class will not only allow you to be more engaged, but actually learn a little more as well

  • Create notes beforehand

    Having some notes created about the main ideas is an awesome way to stay engaged during the class. You can then add more later on, but jotting down what the professor is saying really helps. Also, if your professor has lecture slides they post online before the class, print them off or take your own notes from them. It will really help to understand the outline of the lecture.

  • Make a list of questions and topics you don’t understand

    Having this list will make it easier on you in the future. First of all, you can create practice questions from this list before exams which is super helpful and a timesaver. As well, you can use this list as a reference guide of what you need to study more, and something you can bring to your professor’s office hours 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Professor’s Office Hours

Be An Active Learner

  • Take more notes

    Listen to what the professor is saying and WRITE IT DOWN. They aren’t just rambling on for no reasons. Most of the time what they talk about during lectures is a huge part of their exams, so take notes. Use the textbook to add to their content as well.


  • Highlight the main concepts

    Professor’s spend the most time teaching the content that will mostly be on the exam. If they spend 10 minutes talking about ECG’s, then there’s a pretty big chance that it will show up on their tests. Remember these concepts and ideas by highlighting them for future reference.

  • Add to your list of questions

    Adding to this list continuously will keep you engaged and thinking about the material. Add the questions the professor might ask you during the lecture as well, this list will save you so much time in the future when studying.

Stay Engaged and Focused

  • Bring a snack

    Everyone knows that one of the biggest distractions during a lecture are those annoying hunger pains. So, try and eat before or bring a high protein snack to keep you energized and ready to pay attention.


  • Stay off social media

    Get off your phone, and stop checking social media continuously. Instagram and Snapchat will still be there after class, so leave the phone alone for awhile! You’re paying a lot of money to be there so use that time to learn! Staying focused will save you time later on during studying and getting ready for exams. Try the social media blocker https://selfcontrolapp.com/

Getting the most out of your lecture is a huge step in succeeding as a student. What tips do you have for long lectures? Comment below!

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