5 Ways to Boost Your Lab GPA

September 15, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Ways to Boost Your Lab GPA

Acing your lab class can be difficult

Most kinesiology classes have a lab component involved with them, usually accounting for a large chunk of your overall grade. Doing really well in the lecture is great, but acing the lab component can prove to be challenging. Applying what you have learned in class to practical situations is a great learning tool, but usually requires quite a bit of tedious work. Here are a few ways to boost your lab GPA and rock this semester.

Come Prepared

Most lab’s have pre-lab testing at the beginning to make sure you are prepared and ready to apply your knowledge. These can be easy grade booster quizzes if you read the lab manual before hand and prepare for it as you would a normal quiz. Usually what you are learning in the lab applies directly to the lecture part of the class and the reading can be a great tool to make sure you know your stuff. Do yourself a favour and be prepared, get the easy marks where you can. Check out Khan Academy for some great resources and extra help.


Get Involved

The best way to learn is to apply yourself in class. Like I mentioned before, the lab usually tends to line up with the lecture material pretty well. So rocking the lab will also help with your lecture mark. If you tend to stray away from participating in class because of anxiety, you’re not alone. I find it difficult to get involved as well. The best tip I’ve found for making sure to get active during lab is to know your stuff. When you understand the material being learned you have a lot more confidence as well.

Come wearing the appropriate attire. If it’s a lab where you’ll be working out, make sure you wear clothes that you are comfortable in. It’s the worst when you try working out and you are constantly readjusting your clothes because you are self-conscious. Use these workouts as a great time-saver for getting in your daily exercise as well!

Bring all the materials necessary. If you are working on graphs during the class, make sure you bring your laptop to ensure you are getting the most out of the lab. Also, don’t forget to take notes during the lab! Usually the T.A.’s will give tons of insight to what they want for assignments and lab reports.

If you know that you will be doing a certain activity during the lab, watch a quick video or tutorial about it online. It will help you be more prepared, as well as give you a bit more confidence to get involved. Check out these tips for more help in participation based courses.


Ask Questions

The T.A.’s are there to help you. Most of the time, they are recent grads of your program and have plenty of knowledge about the course, your degree, and even the professors. Use them as a tool. They appreciate people being involved in the class and are more likely to help you out if you are. Remember, they are usually the ones marking your assignment and reports, so ask them the questions. They want you to succeed.

Also, be ready to learn. The labs are a great real-life application of your knowledge, and understanding how to take someone’s heart rate or blood pressure is essential when pursuing your career.


Make Use of the Extra Help

Go to the T.A.’s office hours, just do it. Like I mentioned before, they are usually the ones grading you, so asking them exactly what they want out of your assignments will surely improve your grade. If you don’t understand something in the lab, or even the lecture for that matter, ask for help. Don’t wait until the day before the lab report is due to ask why you can’t get the proper t-test, or graph made up.

Make use of the open lab sessions. Tons of courses offer open lab sessions for the students to go and get extra help or practice. The T.A.’s also notice when you’re there, and most of the time nobody shows up. Not only is it a great learning tool, but it also will give you a set time to get a little more practice in.

Sign out the equipment. If you have a practical lab exam in taking blood pressure, make use of the equipment. Most of the time, you can sign out materials to practice with, so why wouldn’t you? Take advantage of these free tools that they offer you to excel in the lab.

Produce Your Best Work

Just because the lab assignment is only 5% of your grade doesn’t mean you can afford to slack off. Edit, revise, and edit your reports again. Why not take advantage of boosting your grade? Once again, ask your lab T.A.’s for help and guidance.

Have a classmate in your lab look over your report, sometimes you’ve missed something that they understood and vice versa. Knowledge is power (sorry to be cheesy), and two heads are definitely better than one.

Go above and beyond in the lab. Your GPA will thank you later. Hope these tips helped! Thanks for reading 🙂