5 things you need for every study session

Study Session- 5 Things You Need

August 3, 2017 Comments Off on Study Session- 5 Things You Need

Time to start studying

Exams start to roll around, or assignments begin to pile up and you’re overwhelmed. Does this sound familiar? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place! School can be stressful, and long study sessions are bound to happen. The key to a great study session is to be prepared and ready. Hour after hour rolls around and the worst thing for your focus would be forgetting a pen or a ruler when you really need one. Here are my top 5 things you absolutely need for every study session.

#1) List of Everything Needed to be Covered

Have a list of what needs to get done. It will help you to not only be organized, but be productive as well. A visual list is a great way to outline exactly what you need to study. Start with main chapters, and then include smaller topics covered within each chapter. Be thorough! Have a running list of definitions and questions to add to as you go along.

#2) Water Bottle and Energizing Snack

Keep energized! During a long study session you are need to stay hydrated and full of nutrition. Have a healthy snack like almonds, yogurt, kale chips, etc. to keep you focused and ready for the long hours ahead. As well, figure out how long you will be there and plan accordingly. If you are planning on being there for more than a few hours make sure to pack a larger meal so you don’t get hungry! It is really difficult to focus when your stomach is rumbling.

#3) All Writing Utensils and Paper Needed

Create a list of everything you will need to rock your study session. I usually include a few pens, pencils, blank paper, notebook, file folder, sticky notes, highlighters, and some coloured pens!

#4) Laptop and Phone Chargers

The worst thing is when you’re researching for a paper and your laptop dies. Prevent this from happening by thinking ahead and just bring your charger with you. Also, don’t hesitate to use your laptop to study! As well, there are tons of helpful ways to learn and take productive study breaks with the Internet. I’ve included a few in a recent post How to Take a Productive Study Break and Why You Need Them

#5) Headphones

Distractions will be all around you. Be ready for this and bring some headphones to block out the noise! Also, they are a great to listen to some study music, or watch some helpful videos online!

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