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120 School Lunches to Keep You Energized and Ready to Learn

August 23, 2017 Comments Off on 120 School Lunches to Keep You Energized and Ready to Learn

Eating in College

Trying to find healthy, easy, and cheap options in college can be challenging to say the least. It’s difficult to eat on campus because it tends to be expensive and extremely unhealthy. Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for great performance in your academics. Students need to be fuelling their bodies with the nutrients to focus and stay energized. Here is my roundup of 120 lunches to bring to school!

25 Lunch Ideas


This post from Kalynbrooke has some great ideas for lunches to bring to school. A few of my favourites are the cranberry almond chicken salad, and the chicken and avocado burrito wraps! Enjoy 🙂

35 Healthy Lunches


These lunches from the are not only healthy, but relatively easy to make! Try and pick out a few of the chicken recipes for one week just to save a little money. By picking a few recipes that have similar ingredients, you can save money and not waste as much! We all know cooking for one person can be really difficult so this is a great post to help us students out.

10 Sandwich-Free Lunches


The easiest, most go-to lunch tends to be the sandwich. But we all know that in moderation carbs are great, but they shouldn’t be our best friend. These 10 lunches from thekitchn help all of us out by giving us options that don’t include sandwiches.

18 Healthy and Filling Lunches That Aren’t Salad


Just like sandwiches, salads tend to be overused in the lunch category as well. gives 18 healthy options that aren’t salads that are great for school and work! Make sure you give the roasted broccoli and bacon pasta a try!

16 Packable Lunches


Lauren helps all of us students out by solving another common problem when trying to figure out a lunch. How to pack it! She provides 16 great ideas for some packable lunches that are perfect for the long days at school.

16 Lunchbox Ideas

lunches gives us 16 fun, healthy, lunchbox ideas that are great to take to school. They are perfect for snacking and not having to use a microwave to enjoy! Definitely take a look at these if you are looking for some easy lunches.


120 Lunches Later…

I hope you guys enjoy checking out these ideas as much as I did! Trying to figure out meals in college is a huge task and proves to be difficult during busy weeks. Hopefully this roundup will help make your life a little less chaotic. Check out my other post on what you should be packing in your college backpack Here

What meals do you think are great for lunches? Comment and let us know below! 🙂

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